Past Gear

This will eventually be where I put all my reviews and photos of pedals, amps, and other things that are now gone.


Jet City JCA20h-

A truly great amp at an unreal price. In 2009, Mike Soldano along with some other builders sought out to make a great amp that everyone could afford. The JCA20h is a 20 watt class AB head that I run into a 212 closed back cabinet. The amp is truly a no-frills tone monster. 12ax7’s into EL84’s for a very British tone that, with a little tube swap and some modding, has plenty of headroom. Crystal clear highs and mids and punchy bass. Volume, tone stack, presence, and master volume. A killer amp that, at the price, can’t be beat. Definitely the exception to the “you get what you pay for” rule.



Pro Co Vintage Rat– It’s the reissue from ’95. A great pedal with the LM308 chip that can cop tones from Big Muff to Fuzz Face. The newer Rats with the updated chip just don’t sound as good, and are much less versatile.


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