For every one blog post I write, there are 3-4 others that I write and delete, thinking, “This is the dumbest thing a person could write.”


And sometimes I have that realization too late (i.e., The Blog Heard Round The World, a.k.a., The Great Blog Fiasco of 2011). But I think that stuff is important. Both the dumb things people write, and the realization of how dumb they are. I’ve been writing semi-regularly for four years, and I’ve only had a handful of instances where at the end of writing something, I read it over and think, “That is exactly what I was trying to say.”


What I mean is, learning process, finding your voice. And not only finding your voice, but finding and writing about things that matter to you. I hated Blue Like Jazz, but I received more email replies on that review of a 10 year old book, than I have about almost anything else. I wrote about it because I didn’t like it. From cover to cover, I thought it was a risky, overrated, stylistic cop out. And I’ve found that when I experience something I don’t like, I really enjoy writing about it. It’s considerably easier to write about things I don’t like. This is problematic. At heart, I’m not a jerk, but at times I definitely act like one, or rather, write like one, or rather, ok, both.


But I’ve found that the opposite is also true. I love to write about things I love, but it’s way harder.


The fact is, it’s easy to write about things I’m passionate about, and for that reason, and because being negative is only fun some of the time, I’m going to try and shift the tone of my writing.


Like it says in the other pages of this site, I have a passion for helping to sharpen the skills of other people in a musical setting. I love to share ideas and spread what little knowledge I have.


So I’m going to try writing about that out for a while. I know it won’t appeal to everyone, but it might be useful to some.


And if it doesn’t work out, I’ll write about another book I hate.


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