I spend too much time not writing music because I’m afraid it will end up sounding like someone else. And I’m realizing that is a stupid reason for not making music. So, when I get back from Nicaragua, I’ve decided to put some serious time into writing.

I think that trying to be original is one of the biggest mistakes an artist can make. And it’s the reason I’ve put off writing for so long. I couldn’t stand the thought of someone listening to my music and thinking that it sounded like someone else.

But I’m realizing that every new artist I discover (for myself) whose music I enjoy, is reminiscent of another artist that I like. At the same time, you can’t be too similar to someone else.

So I’m going to just write. And make music. And if it sounds too similar to someone else, I’ll cut it. But I’m not going to worry anymore about trying to be original for the sake of being original. There’s nothing new under the sun.


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