Ella’s Back!


So after 3 weeks of anticipation, Ella is ready to go, outfitted with the new Duesenberg Tremola.
Roger told me that the Install went fairly smoothly. He had to re-ground the electronics because the original ground was anchored to the stop tail. I must say, even with the empty stop tail anchor holes, I really love the way she looks. Classy and shiny, and the Tremola adds a lot of weight to the body, balancing out the heavy neck.

But what I really love is the way the trem feels! It’s so smooth! It’s not like my Strat, where I have to really dig in to get those pulsating tones. I love how sensitive the spring is.

And it stays in tune better than any Bigsby I’ve ever played. I was giving her a test drive in Rogers shop, and was really working the trem, let off for a sec, and just like that, she was back in tune. Insane. The weight of the arm adds a lot of stability as opposed to the flexible paddle arms on bigsby’s.

I haven’t played her through my rig yet, but I will soon!

What I love about Roger’s Guitar Shop, is that he does phenomenal work, at a working musician’s price range. I can think of at least two other local guitar techs that do excellent work, but who’s instal cost would have been at least $100.
Roger’s install cost: $32.47 (including new strings)

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