More info on Nicaragua Mission

After a meeting last night with the head of our mission team, I have some more info about what we’ll be doing, where we’ll be, how you can help and what you can be specifically praying for as the dates approach.

Corinto seems to be a popular city name according to Google Earth… I believe we’ll be in the Corinto nearest to the Western coast, close to the city of Chinandega. Cheyenne, the team leader has been traveling to Corinto every year (sometimes twice per year) for the past 13 years and has an extensive rapport in the community and with the church leaders there.

The team is working through a missions organization called International Gospel Outreach, partnering with Globe Ministries. These two organizations sponsor missionaries all around the world and have for over 10 years. They’re no rookies!

One thing that really resonated with me about this team is that they are wanting to serve purely as a supplement to the church already in Nicaragua. Lots of churches send teams to many different places, but there is an Americanized notion of “return on investment.” The team I’ll be working with is not in it to make a name for themselves. We’re submitting to the authority of the church God has established in Nicaragua. We believe (and God teaches) that this is the best way to have the most influence and make the most of our time there.

While in Corinto, We’ll likely be making some structural upgrades to the Light and Life church with which we’re partnering. This church sponsors a food ministry that feeds over 2500 kids, twice per week. Currently, these kids get fed out of the homes of the church members and out of the church building itself. The goal is to eventually have a separate facility that is dedicated to the food ministry, lessening the pressure on the individual volunteers. We will also be visiting primary schools and a college. We’ve been given the opportunity to share the Gospel with kids and college aged young adults with no fear of government suppression. It’s truly incredible. We also will be visiting a prison, sharing the Gospel with guards and prisoners alike.

Things you can be specifically praying for:

Overall, that God’s will would be carried out smoothly throughout the duration of our time there. We want to act as conduits for the Holy Spirit, making it easy for Him to do His good work. In addition, over the past few years, there has been an increase in humanitarian aid from the Islamic community to the people of Nicaragua. While we recognize that impoverished people will take aid from whomever they can get it, our purpose is to spread the love of Jesus, and the increase of Islamic influence is a severe and dangerous hindrance to that. Islam, if followed by the book, is not and has never been a peaceful belief system, but above all, I believe that if our main goal is to show the love of Jesus, the other things will be taken care of. Please pray for our safety and support leading up to and while in Nicaragua.

If you are considering giving support, please know that International Gospel Outreach is a non-profit, 501c3 organization and I would be happy to provide the info to anyone wanting to donate. We need it.


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